Omuroyama Mountain

A 580-meter tall mountain located in the northern end of Izukogen, presently, an archery field is located at the top. Mt. Fuji can be seen on a clear day. The Sengen Jinja Shrine is located halfway up the mountain on the north side of the crater interior.

Ippekiko Lake

4km circumference. The lake shore is enveloped in trees, and the reflection of the Mt. Amagi range on the surface of the lake is said to be the "eye of Izu." Several restaurants and souvenir shops are located on the northeast shore of the lake. The lake also features a pier with rental boats available.

Jogasaki Nature Study Path

Hiking course continuing on to the south from the Picnical Course. Observe rare seaside flora.
Renchakuji Temple - Lighthouse/ Manaitaiwa - Hashidate - ocean suspension bridge - Yahatano Bay (approx. 6km; 3 hours)

Jogasaki Picnical Course

Hiking course covering about 1/3 of the northern Jogasaki coast. Walk along tremendous cliffs while enjoying the ocean view.
Start from Boranaya (restaurant) on the north - Shogunate battery ruins - ocean suspension bridge - Kadowaki lighthouse - Izu-kaiyou Park (3km, 1.5 hours)

Tokai Kan

The Tokai Kan was opened in 1928 as a hot springs hotel for the common folk.
The craftsmen of the time were extremely proud of this building, featuring gorgeous Japanese-style architecture incorporating cypress, cedar and other expensive woods, as well as strangely shaped wood referred to as "henboku." The Tokai Kan is not longer operated as a hotel, but is preserved as a valuable example of traditional Japanese architecture.

Nearby Golf Courses

Nearby Tennis Courts

  • Higashi Omuro Central Facilities / TEL : 0557(51)0666
  • Lobbing / TEL : 0557(51)3567
  • Izukogen Tennis Club / TEL : 0557(53)0181
  • Le Nessa Jogasaki / TEL : 0557(54)1280
  • XIV Izu (hotel) / TEL : 0557(51)0002

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